Understanding your Business

Our core industries

Understanding your business

Understanding your industry

As a progressive law firm, we are perfectly aligned to the core sectors of our clients. However, what really sets us apart is our way of thinking. We are uniquely focused on the issues driving change and we adapt to the rapidly evolving world of international business.

Real estate

We offer a comprehensive set of real estate, projects, corporate and property legal services, and advise on operational issues involving tax, finance, planning, litigation, and energy and environment. We have experience on the real estate and infrastructure sectors.


Our practice includes lawyers with experience advising companies in major cross border projects on issues such as: the development, protection, regulation, and marketing of consumer products, brands, and services; consumer facing contracts and product and promotional offers; supply chain, procurement, and logistics; product liability, product recall, and government enforcement; investing in, acquiring, and financing consumer businesses.


Our firm can help you grow through store or business acquisitions, exploit your brand though franchising, licensing or sponsorship, or if you need advice around supply-chain and partnering arrangements. We have knowledge and experience in the buying, building, branding and operation of retail businesses.

Financial institutions

Intense regulation is a constant in the financial services industry. This is a hugely diverse industry. The downturn is presenting new opportunities, such as the acquisition of new businesses or reorganisation of commercial arrangements such as outsourcing and servicing contracts.


We advise on resolving product safety matters and protecting intellectual property. Our clients include suppliers, aftermarket operators and motor industry associations. Manufacturers and distributors of automobiles, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and other motor vehicles, as well as automotive parts and components suppliers.


Our experience on the infrastructure industry varies from fundraising; through initial project development and financing; to trading in infrastructure assets, mergers and acquisitions, and dispute resolution.

Technology, Media and telecoms

We advise technology companies on issues from protecting data and intellectual property to getting the best deals, channels or partners when exploiting it. Internet and e-commerce: we advise on setting up, protecting, buying and selling e-commerce businesses. Our clients range from gaming sites to multi-channel retailers to price comparison sites. Regarding Telecoms we advise mobile network operators, service providers and technology suppliers on corporate and commercial deals, local and European regulation and dispute resolution.

Life sciences and Healthcare

Life sciences, healthcare and social care are under continued scrutiny from the public, clinical practitioners, regulators, insurers and governments. From initial clinical trials to off-patent strategy, from business development to defending litigation, we understand the pressures on these industries and use our knowledge and expertise to produce results-focused advice with a sector perspective.


We assist companies in the energy sector, the utilities that supply energy to homes and businesses and major energy consumers, providing legal advice that is designed to help them develop in a highly competitive market. We are focused on the development, acquisition, management and financing of energy interests, and related commercial arrangements, trading, regulation and dispute resolution.

35 years of experience in Court Rooms

We are tenacious, trusted, effective professionals with a track record of delivering tailor-made solutions that exceed clients’ expectations. Our logical, rigorous way of working means we can manage large, complex projects as well as smaller concerns – all within tight timeframes.